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Every year EURODOC convenes to an international conference for young researchers. The aim of the EURODOC conference is to provide the framework for young European researchers to meet with European political and economic leaders and to engage in fruitful discussions on the construction of the European Research and Higher Education Areas. More »

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During the general meeting Eurodoc celebrated 10 years since its founding commemorating events and achievements since the first general meeting in Girona, Spain, in 2002. More »

Eurodoc conference & AGM 2011 Vilnius

During the annual Eurodoc conference in Vienna in 2010, we looked back on achievements in the major policy agendas. More »

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The Eurodoc board 2011, elected in Vilnius during the 2011 Annual Meeting. More »

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Eurodoc Annual General Meeting Krakow 2012 More »

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Eurodoc board 2011 & 2012

Names from left: Luke Herbert, Ricardo Rosado, Elena Golovushkina, Bruno Gomes, Slobodan Radičev, Ludovic Garattini, Dorottya Poczi, Klaudia Czopek, Sanne Lykke Lundstrøm, Kristina Majsec, Georgios Papavasileiou & Raphaël Royer More »


PRESS RELEASE: EURODOC’14 International Conference and Annual General Meeting BUDAPEST- Hungary


International Conference and Annual General Meeting



The position of Early Stage Researchers in ERA & EHEA. How to face the challenges ahead?

More than 100 participants from all across Europe recently gathered in Budapest, Hungary, to discuss the challenges that Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) face in the European Research Area (ERA) and in the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). The event, held in Hungarian Institute of International Affairs, took place between 25th and 27th of March.

The European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers (EURODOC) and The Association of Hungarian PhD and DLA candidates (DOSz) organised the EURODOC’14 conference with the theme “The position of Early Stage Researchers in ERA & EHEA. How to face the challenges ahead?” Prof. József Pálinkás, president of Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Imre Csiszár from DOSz and Slobodan Radicev, representing EURODOC, opened the meeting.

Members of EURODOC (34 national associations of doctorates and young researchers from 34 countries of the European Union and the Council of Europe) were together for three days discussing the position of ESRs in ERA and the structural efforts needed to improve ESRs’ position within ERA. One of the most relevant topics discussed during the three days of this event was the professional development that doctoral candidates and Post-Doctoral researchers need in a challenging scientific environment.

EURODOC’14 heard presentations from a diverse range of speakers with interests in research policy. In total, six plenary sessions took place: 

    • Plenary session I: Where we stand- the position of ESRs in ERA
    • Plenary session II: Structural Efforts to Improve the situation of ESRs        
    • Plenary Session III: Professional development for ESRs
    • Plenary Session IV: Parallel Workshops (Open Access; Women in Science; Interdisciplinarity)
    • Plenary Session V: Collaboration for excellence
    • Plenary Session VI: Professional development for ESRs


Positive evaluation from Participants

The overall evaluation of the conference by participants proved positive. Aidis Stukas, from Lithuania, said: “It was a great opportunity to see how European research stakeholders see doctoral candidates and ESRs. It was constructive experience for both EURODOC and our partners”. From France, Carole Chapin explains: “EURODOC ’14, in the fantastic city of Budapest, was an intellectually stimulating event where were decided new inputs for improving visibility and work conditions of all early stage researchers. Surrounded by the usual friendly atmosphere, we discussed intensively the best ways to achieve these goals, and left the city with the greatest enthusiasm to work on it until EURODOC ’15”.


Annual General Meeting

At EURODOC’s Annual General Meeting, which took place on March (28th and 29th), a new EURODOC Board was elected. John Peacock (Belgium) was elected as President, with the other positions being filled by Filomena Parada (Vice-president – Portugal), Anna Tschaut (Secretary – Germany), Fabian Faller (Treasurer – Luxembourg), and Kristina Ferkovic (Croatia), Margaux Kersschot (Belgium) and Wolfgang Müller (Austria) as General Board Members. Furthermore, new coordinators for EURODOC Working Groups were also elected. 

For this year, the new board has as its main priorities to strengthen ties with and between its members and will work to step up EURODOC’s efforts to lobby for improved pay and working conditions for young researchers across Europe.


The general meeting also saw the presentation of EURODOC’15. After Lisbon, in 2013, and Budapest, in 2014, the Romanian city of Cluj Napoca has been selected to host the event in March, 2015.


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Eurodoc welcomes a new member!

Eurodoc warmly welcomes RMU, the Young Scientists Council at the State Agency on Science, Innovation and Informatisation of Ukraine, as its 35th member. RMU’s application was unanimously approved at Eurodoc’s recent annual general meeting.

RMU seeks to represent the interests of Ukraine’s approximately 80,000 young scientists. RMU seeks to promote cooperation between Ukraine’s research institutes and universities, and works to improve the socio-economic conditions for researchers with a view to engaging young talented people in research.

Eurodoc hopes that Ukraine will benefit from being a member of the European community of young researchers, and looks forward to working with them in the years to come.

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Eurodoc policy paper: Journal rankings and interdisciplinarity

“The policy paper “Journal rankings and interdisciplinarity” stresses the importance of interdisciplinary ranking system at European level.  Current scientometrics undervalues interdisciplinary efforts. The limitations of scientometrics are especially significant when the research considered is interdisciplinary. The policy paper suggests alternative interdisciplinary measuring devices.
Members of Interdisciplinarity Workgroup”

For more information click here>>

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Eurodoc policy paper: Dual Career Opportunities for Doctoral Candidates and Early Stage Researchers

Dual career services at higher education and research institutions are an important measure for researchers to have both a research career and a family life. However, doctoral candidates and early stage researchers are often excluded from these services. This paper emphasises the significance of dual career opportunities for young researchers and makes recommendations how institutions could support dual career couples in academia.

For more information click here>>

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Registration open – Eurodoc Conference and AGM 2014

The 13th Eurodoc Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting will take place between the 25th and 29th of March 2014, in Budapest, Hungary. All Eurodoc delegates should register for the both: Eurodoc Conference and for Eurodoc AGM. Everyone else should register just for Eurodoc conference.

Eurodoc Conference registration link>>

Eurodoc AGM registration link>>

More information about Eurodoc Conference & AGM 2014 is possible to find on conference website:

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