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Research Integrity & Assessment Working Group

Research Integrity & Assessment Working Group

Research ​Integrity ​has become one of the most important topics on the political agenda in the European Research Area. In 2017, almost all key stakeholders ​announced their support for the new European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity. Some pilot projects within Horizon 2020 on Research Integrity have already been implemented such as PRINTEGER, DEFORM, EnTIRE, HEIRRI, and RRING. Eurodoc has already been active in some of these projects and on this topic, in the forthcoming year we plan to involve Eurodoc in these and new projects on research integrity.

​The goal of WG Research Integrity is to address issues related to research integrity, ethics, responsible research and innovation, as well as problems connected with misconduct, in the community of doctoral candidates and early-career researchers in Europe. The group is supposed to be a platform for expert discussions, collecting and sharing information on research integrity, its practice, teaching and policies, as well as we hope to encourage learning from each other’s experience and raise awareness on research integrity among ECRs in Europe. Besides, we have been working on a Eurodoc Statement on Research Integrity and are aiming to finish it in 2018/2019. ​

Interested in research integrity and research ethics issues? Have an experience in dealing with integrity or misconduct? Want to increase your knowledge about policies, practices and activities on research integrity? Interested to become a ECR Research Integrity Ambassador to your country? Wish to contribute Eurodoc activities and European projects on research integrity?

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Сo-coordinators: Sebastian Dahle & Déborah Chery

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