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Ljubljana lies between Vienna and Venice, at a crossroads of important transport routes from northern Europe to the Adriatic Sea. Below you will find information about how to reach Ljubljana by plane, bus, train and car/ motorcycle. Addresses for the Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, the central train station in Ljubljana and the main bus station in Ljubljana can be found in the tourist guides linked below.

Travelling to Ljubljana 

By plane

The country’s main airport, Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport, is 26 kilometers away from Ljubljana (30 minutes by car). There is daily bus service between the airport and the Ljubljana Bus Station. The ride takes 50 minutes.

However, there are also several airports within reasonable distance to Ljubljana, which are served by low-fare carriers (such as https://www.goopti.com/en/) – including airports in Venice, Treviso, Trieste, Bergamo, Graz, and Zagreb.

More information about traveling to Ljubljana by plane can be found in the travel guide to Ljubljana below.

By train

International rail connections to Ljubljana are good. Rail is also a convenient means of transport within the country as distances are mainly short and travel costs low. 

By car or motorcycle

Ljubljana lies at the crossroads of Slovenia’s most important road routes. Motorway access from any of the neighboring countries is easy. Driving on the motorway requires a toll vignette, which is in electronic format and can be arranged online.

For more information about distances from other large European cities, please check out the travel guide to Ljubljana below.

By bus 

There are good bus connections to Ljubljana from most of Europe. Bus travel is one of the most convenient forms of public transport for short trips to Ljubljana’s surrounding areas and other places in Slovenia. 

For more information 

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