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Eurodoc position vacancy: team member position as a part of the Sustainable Careers for Researcher Empowerment (SECURE) project

We are looking for a project team member to be hired at the earliest convenience. The new position is part of the Sustainable Careers for Researcher Empowerment (SECURE) project http://secureproject.eu/ funded by the European Commission under project no. 101094902. 

Context and background information

The SECURE project will develop coordination and support measures to create, trial, implement, and mainstream a common Research Career Framework (RCF) that offers a suite of options to support organisations in the recruitment, employment, training, development, progression, and mobility of researchers with the aim of improving research careers and reducing career precarity. The RCF will recognise the research profession across sectors, provide a career development and progression structure for research careers, recognise both research and transferable skills and competences, facilitate intersectoral collaboration and mobility, and offer solutions to the precariousness of research careers in academia. It will further develop a range of tenure track-like (TTL) models integrating best practices from existing use cases. The TTL models will offer a variety of options to support organisations employing researchers in sustainable ways for different research career paths.

SECURE will test aspects of the RCF and TTL models in trials in four Research Performing Organisations (RPOs), one Research Funding Organisation (RFO), and one recruitment agency. The trial organisations will first conduct a scoping exercise to map the RCF onto their existing policies and activities for research careers before developing integration plans on how the RCF could be adopted into their existing policies and activities. Due to the short duration of the project and the window for trials, it is expected that only some aspects of the RCF and TTL models will be tested. The trial organisations will thus develop action plans, selecting relevant aspects from the integration plans, to test and implement during the trials. SECURE will mainstream the RCF and TTL models through a series of policy briefs and a summit that explain key aspects of the RCF and TTL models to relevant organisations employing researchers. The RCF and TTL models will be further promoted through key partner organisations in the project targeting researchers, RPOs, and companies. The RCF and TTL models will lastly be promoted in the EURAXESS network including the many EURAXESS service centres, the newly established EURAXESS hubs, and through the ERA Talent Platform being developed


The new team member will be responsible for carrying out the SECURE project activities related to Eurodoc, which includes:

  • Communicating project activities to Eurodoc stakeholders;
  • Contribution to policy analyses, assessing the state-of-the-art, and synthesizing outcomes into policy briefs;
  • Content preparation for social media and other communication activities;
  • Monitoring and evaluating project activities;
  • Project reporting (technical and administrative);
  • Contribution to the dissemination and exploitation of project results; 
  • Participating in online project meetings and selected presence consortium meetings;
  • Co-creation of follow-up projects, grant submissions and activities.


The following profile is expected from the candidate:

  • Good communication and networking skills;
  • Good Understanding of the Research Ecosystem, academic tenure track model, Researcher Career Development;
  • Experience in event organization;
  • Experience with dissemination activities (research networks, including writing short articles, mail and social networks and potentially social media skills with applications, such as tweetdeck);
  • Experience in project evaluation (survey design, delivery, and analysis);
  • The readiness to join an interdisciplinary team to work on developing new initiatives in doctoral support and education.


The following is offered with the announced position:

  • Internal service contract from March 2023 until December 2024;
  • Daily rate of 268.75 Eur (gross) including VAT (if applicable); 
  • Flexible working hours (depending on project activities), approx 40 days per year;
  • Being part of a pan-European association and an interdisciplinary research team focussing on researcher career frameworks and sustainable employment.


You can contact Sebastian Dahle, Eurodoc Vice President, (sebastian.dahle@eurodoc.net) for more information.

Application procedure

Your application file consists of:

  • A brief motivation letter
  • Your Curriculum vitae

Please include the following consent of personal data processing:

I hereby give consent for my personal data to be processed by Eurodoc for the purpose of conducting recruitment for the position for which I am applying.

You can apply for this job no later than 21.3.2023, 23:59:59 CET by email to sebastian.dahle@eurodoc.net 

Eurodoc seeks to foster an environment where all talents can flourish, regardless of gender, age, cultural background, nationality or impairments. If you have any questions relating to accessibility or support, please contact us at sebastian.dahle@eurodoc.net.

In an earlier version, there was a technical error in the stated daily rate, which we corrected on 14.3.2023 at 20:08 CET.