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Online Eurodoc Conference 2020 ~ Open Up Your Science!

Online Eurodoc Conference 2020 ~ Open Up Your Science!

The Eurodoc 2020 conference will take place on July 22-23, 2020. It will be the first online Eurodoc Conference in history.

Due to the epidemic Organisers were obliged to change the date and form of the Conference. The event is organised by Krajowa Reprezentacja Doktorantów (KRD) and Eurodoc, the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers, with the financial support of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education Republic of Poland.

The main aim of the Eurodoc annual conference is to provide a platform to bring together Eurodoc members i.e. National Association (NAs), early-career researchers (ECRs), higher education policy makers, universities, funding institutions, businesses, and other stakeholders to address issues relevant to ECRs, higher education, and research. The conference is a great opportunity to meet and network with other ECRs from across Europe.

The last year was a breakthrough for the Polish system of higher education - the Law on Higher Education and Science came into force. The most important changes contained in the Act in fact concern all aspects of the higher education sector in Poland: young scientists, doctoral candidates, quality of education and research results at all levels, autonomy and development of universities, mobility, research funding and one of the most important - research evaluation. 

The main assumptions of the Act concern, among others, creating favourable conditions for internationalisation and interdisciplinarity of scientific research and higher education in Poland, increasing innovativeness of the country and giving universities greater autonomy in adjusting their strategies and funding policies to European standards. It is worth to underline that it gives many opportunities to undertake national and international cooperation, build teams and share knowledge. Currently in Europe there is a trend towards dissemination of research results, analysis and open access to data. It is hard not to agree that open science is the future. 

What is more, the second key topic of the conference will be the evaluation of scientific activity. It is needed to point that this is not the same as the evaluation of a scientific unit, doctoral school or other entity conducting scientific activity, which can be largely evaluated on the basis of indicators and parameters. It seems to be worthy to think about what kind of challenges are related to the assessment of this scientific activity in the context of Open Access policies? 

For these reasons, at the Eurodoc international conference we wish to engage in a discussion with international and national experts on the following topics:

  1. Open Science for Early-Career Researchers
  2. Opening Up Access to Research Publications
  3. Managing Research Data in a FAIR Framework
  4. Collaborating across Research Disciplines
  5. Popularising Research to the Broad Public
  6. Evaluation of scientific activity in the context of individual assessment of scientific achievements of scientists. 

The conference is addressed to the entire academic community, in particular to early career researchers (doctoral candidates and postgraduate researchers) resas well as anyone interested in issues related to open science. 

The Eurodoc conference is free of charge. To register, completing the application form is required. 


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