#Ukraine: providing and receiving support


The 10 SAF21 Early Stage Researchers during the 4th Network Meeting in Vigo, Spain, Oct 2017. From left to right, back row: Kristinn Nikulás Edvardsson, Ixai Salvo Borda, Lia ní Aodha, Cezara Păstrăv, Samaneh Heidari; front row: Shaheen Syed, Charlotte Weber, Rannvá Danielsen, Luz Molina, Theodora Sam.

Website: http://www.saf21.eu

Eurodoc is a member of the External Advisory Panel of the EU-H2020-MSC-ETN-ITN project SAF21 – Social science aspects of fisheries for the 21st Century. Eva Hnátková, the leader of the Eurodoc Working Group on Doctoral Training, is representing Eurodoc in this panel. The presence of Eurodoc in this panel is very important for SAF21, as doctoral training is one main component of this project.

The SAF21 project focuses on the European Union fisheries, a socio-ecological complex system, to develop effective fisheries management strategies. The research and development is undertaken by a group of social scientists, biologists, and computer scientists of the future, managed by the SAF21 consortium, a mix of academic and commercial organisations.

What is unique about the SAF21 project is the way the research and training programme is structured. He project offers a practical, collaborative approach to doctoral training, combining research with development of transferable skills, such as, among others, inter-cultural communication or entrepreneurship through placements and training. Through this we aim to increase the employability of the researchers, expand the impact of such projects through education, outreach and communication to wider communities as well as enabling more effective fisheries management.