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Academic Integrity and Artificial Intelligence Working Group

Academic Integrity and Artificial Intelligence Working Group

The purpose of this WG is two folded: It is to 1) provide a platform for NAs and ECRs to discuss current challenges faced by ECRs due to the increased focus on research security and in particular the challenges this pose to align with Open Science practices and ensuring Academic Integrity, 2) to develop Eurodoc’s policies on the topic.

The goals of the WG AI and AI for the 2024/2025 term is to 

  • provide a space for knowledge exchange on how to ensure academic Integrity with the growing use of AI, and in particular how to do so in alignment with open science practices;
  • to draft a statement on academic integrity and artificial intelligence.

Any ECR should consider joining the WG AI and AI if they find discussions related to how to align the use of AI in research with notions of academic integrity interesting and if they wish to contribute to the development of Eurodocs policies on the topic. Participation in the working group does not require any prior experience with the topic nor does it entail any obligation to participate in meetings or to perform any work between meetings.

How to sign up for the WG mailing lists

Each working group has an email list. Here, the working groups can keep in touch between meetings, such as calling for meetings and sharing information of interest to its members.

Eurodoc has 6 working groups that are open for all Early career researchers and doctoral candidates affiliated with one or more of the members (national associations) of Eurodoc to join. In some cases, it is even possible for others to join these working groups.

If you wish to be added to the new email lists for any working groups, please sign up through this link.