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Press Release: Eurodoc Statement on FP9

Eurodoc has released a statement on the new Framework Programme (FP) for Research and Technological Development. The current programme FP8 or Horizon 2020 has been extremely successful with a budget of circa €80 billion and focusing on Excellent Science, Industrial Leadership, and Societal Challenges. The next programme FP9 will run from 2021 to 2027 and is currently being developed in collaboration with all relevant stakeholders.

Eurodoc hopes that FP9 will be even more ambitious than the previous programme and will aim beyond the horizon for early-career researchers. We have identified four key issues for early-career researchers which we would like to be taken into account in FP9:

  1. The budget for Excellent Research should be significantly increased and there should be more opportunities for early-career researchers in the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) and European Research Council (ERC) funding calls.
  2. FP9 should create a fourth pillar of Open Science which will directly fund the further implementation of Open Science and specifically raise awareness and train and support researchers in Open Science so that they are fully prepared.
  3. FP9 should address the fact that most researchers must leave academia and support the career development and intersectoral mobility of researchers so that they are skilled to collaborate with industry and enter the non-academic job market.
  4. FP9 should lastly address the growing mental health concerns in academia and support research into the work-life balance and mental health of researchers so that the working environment for researchers remains safe, healthy, and productive.