#Ukraine: providing and receiving support

Presentations delivered at Eurodoc Conference 2021

PDF icon CatRIS workshop5.17 MB
PDF icon S1 - Pavel Doleček - "Towards quality and efficiency of doctoral training in the Czech Republic"995.66 KB
PDF icon S1 - Melita Kovacevic - "Providing quality doctoral education: current trends in Europe and globally"880.08 KB
PDF icon S1 - Alexander Hasgall - "The role of doctoral education within Europe's universities"1.19 MB
PDF icon S1 - Miia Ijäs-Idrobo - "Doctoral researchers and doctoral training in Finland in the 2020s"774.66 KB
PDF icon S2 - Claire Morel - "Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions under Horizon Europe. Guidelines on Supervision"192.41 KB
PDF icon S2 - Lucas Zinner - "Professionalization of Supervision"1.68 MB
PDF icon S2 - Stéphanie Gauttier - "Ethics of supervision: responsibilities of supervisors & supervisees"1.01 MB
PDF icon S2 - Ana Slavec - "Supervisor of the year award: a Slovenian Good Practice"1.1 MB
PDF icon S3 - Filomena Parada - "Eurodoc Postdoc Survey: employment conditions of postdocs"818.47 KB
PDF icon S3 - Marco Marsia - "Academic precarity"497.6 KB
PDF icon S3 - Alexandra Bitušíková, Kamila Borsekova - "Transferable skills in doctoral education: DocEnhance"823.31 KB
PDF icon S3 - Apostolia Karamali - "Career development of Early-Career Researchers"1.38 MB
PDF icon S4 - Oleksandr Berezko - "ECRs' Perspectives on Publishing in Open Science"815.94 KB
PDF icon S4 - Lidia Borrell-Damián - "Implementing Open Science"2.05 MB
PDF icon S4 - Robert Pergl - "Planning for FAIR Open Science"2.91 MB
PDF icon S4 - Michael Markie - "How to practice Open Science through publication and data sharing"475.52 KB
PDF icon S5 - Iryna Degtyarova - "Research Integrity Training For Early Career Researchers"3.56 MB
PDF icon S5 - Vratislav Kozák, Josef Fontana - "Research Integrity in Practice. A Coprehensive Model"2.33 MB
PDF icon S5 - Katharina Miller - "How to exchange international views on collaboration and research integrity"441.32 KB
PDF icon S5 - Matthias Girod - "Integrity in Science Advice"1.34 MB
PDF icon S6 - Inge van der Weijden - "Mental health and work-life balance of PhD candidates"69.34 MB
PDF icon S6 - Iryna Hubeladze - "Determinants of Mental Health of Early Career Researchers"635.29 KB
PDF icon S6 - Gemma Modinos - "The Young Academy of Europe (YAE)"11.2 MB
PDF icon S6 - Gábor Kismihók - "Grassroots initiatives to improve the mental wellbeing of doctoral researchers"1.73 MB