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Eurodoc’s General Meeting elects the new administrative board

On Friday 20th and Saturday 21st April, the Eurodoc’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held at University of Tampere in Finland and elected the new administrative board for 2018-2019. Gareth O'Neill (Netherlands), doctoral candidate in linguistics at Leiden University, was re-elected as Eurodoc President. "This year has been an extremely active year” Gareth said in his speech, "and we have reorganised much of the inner administration workings of Eurodoc. We have also engaged extensively with key partners and stakeholders. As a result, we are currently highly visible and are involved in many meetings and projects and proposals."

During the AGM, Eva Hnátková (Czech Republic) has been elected as Vice-President, Farouk Allouche (France) as Treasurer and Mathias Schroijen (Belgium) in the role of Secretary, while Emanuele Storti (Italy), Auréa Cophignon (France) and Milena Medineckienė (Lithuania) as General Board Members.

The AGM also appointed officers and coordinators of workgroups, with Véronique De Herde (Belgium) as Secretariat Coordinator, and approved the admission of PAND (PhD Association Network of Denmark), SNPA (National Postdoc Association in Sweden) and USI (Union Students in Ireland) as new members. Regarding the annual goals for the new administration, Gareth said: "Next year is set to be a busy year especially regarding Open Science, Mental Health, Research Integrity, Next Generation Internet, and Pensions for ECRs. We will build on what we have developed and will engage even more with our partners and stakeholders".