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Eurodoc Conference 2023 ~ A Sustainable Academia

Eurodoc Conference 2023 ~ A Sustainable Academia

The Eurodoc conference is an annual conference focusing on the conditions of early career researchers (ECRs), particularly doctoral candidates. It is always organised in collaboration with our member organisations and further local organisations. The conference will be held in a hybrid form on June 7-8, 2023 with the physical events taking place in Uppsala, Sweden.

The Eurodoc Conference 2023 – A Sustainable Academia revolves around the question of how to create a sustainable academia for the young professionals working in it. It is organised by Eurodoc, Sveriges förenade studentkårer (SFS), Sveriges förenade studentkårers doktorandkommité (SFS-DK), the Swedish National Postodoc Association (SNPA), and Fackförbundet ST a Swedish labour union. SFS and SNPA are both member organisations of Eurodoc.

The conference will consist of a mix of panel sessions and keynote speakers. In conjunction with the event, Eurodoc will organise a special session on the state of Ukrainian academia.

The intended outcome of the conference.

The conference focuses on the role doctoral candidates and other ECRs play in driving sustainable change in the practices of academia as a workplace. The target audience is a mixture of practitioners, representatives of ECRs, researchers, and stakeholders working within the field of the working conditions of ECRs and the sustainability of academia. The conference aims to share best practices from across Europe on how to create sustainable academia and outline knowledge gaps on the topic, and by that, outline potential research agendas on the working conditions of ECRs. 

All panel sessions at the conference and meetings will be recorded and made available on the conference webpage after the meeting. The recordings will be supported by a summary of each topic, along with questions for discussions and recommendations for best practices.

The best practices and reflections submitted during the conference will form the basis of the conference report. The writing of the conference report is led by Eurodoc and will contain a summary of the topics discussed at the conference, recommendations and best practices for each topic.