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Azerbaijan Young Scientists, Doctoral Students and Masters Union (AYSDSMU)

Azerbaijan Young Scientists, Doctoral Students and Masters Union (AYSDSMU)

Our goals:

  • Raising and improving the scientific level of youth in Azerbaijan
  • Stimulating Azerbaijan youth activities in science
  • Knowledge sharing and scientific capacity building
  • Support of the scientific activities of youth
  • Integration into the international scientific societies

Main directions of our activity:

  • Increasing the intellectual potential of youth and contributing to their scientific activities
  • Support in the adaptation of youth to the scientific work environment
  • Develop young scientists as professionals in different scientific fields
  • Involvement of young talents in scientific research
  • Participation in the conduction of governmental programs for the development of young scientists
  • Conduction of scientific events: conferences, workshops, seminars, and trainings
  • Supporting in the commercialization of the achieved scientific results to young scientists by establishing of bridge between science and industry
  • Providing information regarding international and local foundation programs for scientific competitions by young scientists
  • Scientific presentations for high schools and universities
  • Conduction of competitions – “Science for kids” at elementary schools

Structure of AYSDSMU: The structure includes the Chairman, a board of directors, and an Assembly. Members of AYSDSMU are young scientists, researchers, PhD students, and masters.

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