#Ukraine: providing and receiving support

Eurodoc board at summer camp for doctoral candidates in Gyöngyös, Hungary (26th — 28th August, 2017)

The Association of Hungarian PhD and DLA Students (DOSZ) in a collaboration with PhD government of the Esterhazy Karoly University organized the traditional annual summer camp for doctoral candidates. Eurodoc board was invited to participate in the three days programme. The main aim of the event was to promote the public spirit of the doctoral candidates.

The event was located at the Karoly Robert Campus of the Esterhazy Karoly University in Gyöngyös (Hungary). The participants, more than 100 doctoral candidates, gathered the useful pieces of information about the system of the doctoral programme in Hungary and about multifarious possibilities of the scholarship programmes in all disciplines. Participants could get in touch with the Eurodoc board members, academic classes of DOSZ and they could confer with their peers about the similar research fields or they could get acquainted with the representatives of other disciplines.

During the whole programme of the event, Eurodoc board members occupied their time in an internal meetings and workshops, where they discussed the emerging questions related, especially, to the new website, annul questionnaire and financial strategy.

Then, in the evening, in the frame of the first day of the camp, there was an official opening ceremony and reception, where Dr. Péter Szendrő (the president the Hungarian Council of National Scientific Students' Associations) greeted the participants and he emphasized the future-forming role of the Hungarian academia with the help of this association.

Dr. Boglárka Illés (the deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of the Human Resources), who is responsible for youth policy and creating opportunities, highlighted the value of perseverance and stamina. Furthermore, she presented the extending possibilities of the National Talent Programme, which is a scholarship for doctoral candidates. Dr. Zoltán Bujdosó (the vice rector of the Esterhazy University), responsible for all of the campuses of the Esterhazy Károly University, was delivering a speech which was based on the significance of the scientific workshops. György Hiesz (the mayor of Gyöngyös), and Botond Rázsi (the deputy mayor of Eger) focused on the importance of utilizable knowledge through personal examples. Gareth O'Neill (president of Eurodoc) discussed some of the main issues for early-career researchers in Europe as well as the organisation and activities of Eurodoc to the first year doctoral candidates. Dr. Péter Miklós Kőmíves (the president of DOSZ) placed emphasis on the fact that the alliance provided professional cooperation.

Additionally, one had the chance to make friendships thanks to the DOSz and he greeted the international guests of the camp at the end of his toast. Tamás Mizera (the president of the local PhD government) closed the series of the speeches in the evening. He mentioned that the representatives of arts and sciences would be kindly invited by the Esterhazy University to feel themselves at home between the walls of the university. The dinner was anticipated by wine tasting and participants enjoyed drinking the finest local wines thanks to the Esterhazy wine-district.

The first part of the second day contained interactive professional programmes. The participants gained useful pieces of information about the new system of the doctoral programme in Hungary and about the Erasmus+ programme. Participants got acquainted with various scholarships and invitations to tenders, as well. What is more, they gathered information about the new series of programmes with the title „The successful career model of doctoral candidats” and the classes and subclasses of DOSZ introduced themselves. Then, Gareth O'Neill (president of Eurodoc) explained how Eurodoc represents the interests of early-career researchers with major stakeholders in research and innovation at the European level. He encouraged the doctoral candidates present to get involved and to join in the various working groups and activities of DOSZ and Eurodoc.

 In the afternoon, cooking and sport events were organized, so the participants could allocate time for leisure activities as a relaxation as well.

In the end, all participants have not just gathered useful tips, information but they have had the chance to collect memories and make friendships. Everyone cherished the hope to see each other once again. Last day, a sad farewell was needed to say to colleagues, friends, to the campus and to the town of Gyöngyös, except the Eurodoc board members, who continued to keep working after the camp finished. And finally, after long meetings and several workshops the Eurodoc board members travelled home to their countries all over Europe.

Péter Szabó and Eva Hnátková, general board members