#Ukraine: providing and receiving support

Providing Support for Ukraine

On this page, we are collecting information for anyone who is providing support for students and academic staff. One of the main challenges at the moment is to have an adequate overview of all the support measures as well as spreading the information so others can find it. We try to avoid duplicating what others are doing but rather want to complement each others’ efforts. 

Please enter details on support measures in place in your country, by your university or research institutions in this survey. We will publish the information provided on our website as soon as possible and will share it with Science for Ukraine and others where it makes sense. 

Another major challenge is to match the support provided to the actual needs of PhD candidates, students, and academic staff. On this, please see our policy papers and calls for action, in particular, our Eurodoc Interim Assessment and Estimation of the Support Provided for Academics from Ukraine 

Please also see: 

Information for our National Associations

It is crucial that within your given capacities, you advocate with your government, your research institutions, and your universities on behalf of our colleagues in Ukraine to call for concrete measures to be implemented as well as to raise awareness for aspects that should be taken into account in order to provide adequate support for ECRs from Ukraine. 

Furthermore, we need your help in continuing to compile the list with support measures. Please use this survey to enter details on the support measures provided in your country, by your university or research institutions. We will publish the information provided for students and researchers to find. 

Your efforts are truly appreciated. Importantly, however, please be mindful of your own resources and energy. You will not be able to help if you burn out or exhaust yourself!