#Ukraine: providing and receiving support

Receiving Support

IMPORTANT: If your life is directly threatened or if you are in immediate urgent need of support, please reach out to the Red Cross or the police at your location. We are not monitoring incoming responses around the clock, nor can we provide the support needed in these circumstances.

Both Eurodoc and our national associations (NAs) express their full solidarity with the people in Ukraine and fully condemn Russia’s war. On this page, we are collecting information specifically for PhD candidates, junior researchers, and academic staff from Ukraine in need of support. We try to avoid duplicating what others are doing but rather want to complement each others’ efforts. We are fully committed to supporting both academics from Ukraine who are still in the country and who have crossed the border. Check our members’ list to contact a national association. 

Eurodoc, MCAA, and Science for Ukraine are gathering information from universities, research institutions, research labs, etc. on the types of support offered to researchers fleeing Ukraine. Please find here an excel list with the support offered by universities, academic institutions, or by countries for researchers from Ukraine. 

However, we also need a better understanding of the help and support that the researchers from Ukraine actually need. Please fill in this form so we can:

  • advocate at the European and the national levels so that the research institutions provide a better support system and offer the help that is actually needed
  • put you in contact with our national associations where possible

The answers to this form will be reviewed by Eurodoc and shared with the Eurodoc National Associations, our partners of the Marie Curie Alumni Associations, and Science for Ukraine.

Unfortunately, our resources are limited and, thus, we ask you for your patience. 

Please also check the following resources: